Manifest Your Desires 

7 Episodes Total 

Series Recorded: March - April, 2023

Episode #1: The 7 Day Manifestation Experiment (60 Minutes)

Acknowledge yourself as the Creator (7:30)
You're changing your vibration in that moment (10:23)
It's never a straight path (18:07)
It is exciting to see the progress (37:26)
You are a Master Soul (39:40)

Episode #2: Following Your Highest Excitement (63 Minutes)

Your physical mind doesn't have the answers - the Higher Mind does (5:47)
We're always projecting our reality (21:41)
You have to surrender to the Higher Mind (36:10)
You're the Observer to the emotion (45:17)
How to stay in the flow of abundance (50:01)

Episode #3: How to Protect Your Energy from Negative & Difficult People (73 Minutes)

Who's vibration going to win? (5:50)
Why do negative people act the way they do? (9:31)
Send love and notice if she changes (25.11)
If you feel out of control, you need to be in control (33:20)
We need to process and heal (47:02)

Episode #4: Using Intentions to Shift Your Life (46 Minutes)

It's going to manifest in physical form (6:34)
The reason you want to sent an intention (10:08)
There are four different states of being (12:02)
That's where the magic happens (16:07)
The answers will show up (29:13)

Episode #5: Allow Things to Come to You (45 Minutes)

What prevents the manifestation of your outcome (1:35)
You're picking up on the vibration (5:42)
You chose to come here (14:14)
You can only project things that you believe in (14:55)
You're an extension of God (22:12)

Episode #6: How to Ask & Get What You Want from the Universe (40 Minutes)

When you're in a state of wanting (12:12)
What you want does not always bring you what you need (13:43)
The Higher Mind has the map - it knows where you need to go (26:57)
You cannot receiving things that are not part of your vibration (29:19)
That's where self-talk comes from (33:23)

Episode #7: Trusting How Life Unfolds (54 Minutes)

You're projecting where you focus into the future (4:07)
The invisible starts to affect the visible (7:12)
Use the energetic principle to work with your nervous system (8:41)
It's part of the fun of going through life (34:12)
The higher mind has all of the answers (44:11)

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