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"I love this book! Steve uses just enough science to explain the process but not too much to bore you.  He uses examples from his own life to demonstrate and show you how you create your world. If you’ve been a student of the law of attraction and haven’t had that kind of success you've been looking for, Steve takes you on a journey that brings your understanding to a whole new level."

~ Dr. Kris Belfry, Chiropractor and Healer 

Here’s What You’ll Learn in this book:

  • Develop empowering self-confidence.
  • Use your imagination to attract miracles into your life.
  • Train yourself to focus on your 'inner being' and nourish the connection with the loving energy of the Creator.
  • Overcome limiting beliefs that prevent you from attracting the abundance and joy you deserve.
  • Use the illusion of truth to train your mind to focus your thoughts upon a desired outcome so that it materializes in physical form.

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Steve Martile started as a mechanical engineer then became a life coach. Today he runs a marketing agency that helps Entrepreneurs build their businesses. Steve has 1.5 million + views on his Youtube channel, and is known for his 7-day manifestation experiment.