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Here are the steps to the 7-day manifestation experiment:

Step 1: Write a list of minimum 3 things you REALLY WANT to see manifest in the next 7 days (they must be believable to you - 8/10).

Step 2: Visualize each item on that list and feel as if you already have it. (do this daily)

Step 3: Post your results in the comments below to acknowledge yourself as a POWERFUL creator.

“I watched your video and I decided to manifest £500 by the end of this week. Various cheques and amounts of money I had not expected at all have come to me making a total of £515.27!
WOW!!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, STEVE , you are a SUPERSTAR!!! 🙂 . I'm going to try to manifest £1,000 by the end of next week ;-)”

“Brother! Day 3 and I already made around 2300 dollars. My goal is 10k in 7 days..friggin beautiful!! Thank you for showing me how to focus!”

“Okay, I swear that this website is magic! Approximately an hour and 15 minutes after I saw your video, I got a call from my Realtor stating that she had an investor interested in my house. The next day the investor offered the full asking price! DANG! That was quick! Manifest my desires at light speed!”

“I absolutely love this! Asked the Universe for an extra $4000 on Monday last week – manifested an unexpected $4066 today ^_^ And I’m just a College student!
Thank you thank you thank you!!!”

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